Just Planes: Charting a Course to Multi-Billion Views Annually – Interview with Michel Moskal

Funny how a simple thing like picking up a camera could lead you to become the most-watched aviation channel on YouTube.

This was how 1.2 billion YouTube views started for Michel Moskal. Having worked for the airline industry back in 1991, he picked up a camera one day and started filming planes at the airport. Little did he know how these simple videos would catch on.

Of course, back in the early ’90s, no one could whip out a camera at any moment and post a video online. So in the early days, Michel started by selling a few VHS copies of planes in action.

And now? His aviation channel is booming, and if his TikTok following is any indication (1.4 million), the popularity of his videos isn’t going away anytime soon.

Allow me to introduce Production Manager, Michel Moskal…

So, who are you and what’s your business?

Production Manager at Just Planes, where we produce aviation films, most specifically in the cockpit of airlines all around the world for the past 30 years. We’re also the most-watched aviation channel, with over 1.2 Billion views last year, expecting to go over 2.5 Billion views this year.

What is your backstory and what inspired you to come up with / pursue this idea?

I started working for the airlines, which led me to pick up a camera one day and start filming, and Just Planes was born.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product or service- what was that like?

Back in 1991, it was really simple. I used a camera to film airplanes at the airport, and without editing or much of anything, as social media didn’t exist back then. So I released the first video on VHS and took out an ad in two aviation magazines and started selling a few copies.

Describe launching the company… Where did you start?

Against the advice of others, I thought the idea could work. So while in Boston, I started filming and came up with the super simple name of Just Planes, since that is what I intended to show.

What has worked to attract & retain customers so far?

I’ve always tried to give customers a mix of quality and quantity at a good price. The price of our videos has remained the same for 25 years!

What books, podcasts, or people have been the most influential on your journey?

I would say my own experiences with aviation helped me create what I enjoy about the subject and what I think others would enjoy as well.

How are things going today and what does the future look like?

Things are going very well. When I set out to do this cockpit series, I was hoping to get 20 airlines into the series. Today, we’ve filmed over 320 airlines all around the world, and being the leading aviation channel, more companies want to be featured in our series, so I’d say the future is looking pretty good.

Any advice for others who are just starting out?

Go with your gut, go with what you like, and take advice from people who are positive.

What’s the best way for people to connect and follow you? Website, Social Profiles, Etc…

You can find us at:

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