A Few Common Elements To Your Submission

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Thank you for considering contributing to LevelDo! After you come up with a clever title, you’ll include your first introductory paragraph(s) here. If you’re a seasoned writer, great — Godspeed to you, sir or madam! If not, no worries at all! Get your ideas out on the page and our internal team of editors will fix any errors or inconsistencies while keeping your story and voice intact. Sharing helps our community grow, and your unique experience within your specific field is what we’re trying to capture.

Heading #1

If you’re been on the internet any time in the past decade, you might notice that blog posts and articles are broken into bite-sized elements that make them easily readable. Adding headings before each key transition allows readers to quickly scan and get to the parts of your story that are most relevant to them. They are also a great way to organize your thoughts when you are writing. Feel free to add many, or none, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Subheading #1

Want to break down your primary talking point even further? Using subheads is a great way to expand and bring more order under your primary heading. As you’re thinking about how you want to display your information, remember that you can use both ordered lists and bullet points.

These aren’t required, but sometimes they can be helpful, depending on what you’re talking about. Check out the examples below.

  1. List Item
  2. List Item
  3. List Item
  4. List Item
  • Bullet Point
  • Bullet Point
  • Bullet Point
  • Bullet Point

Heading #2

And here we are again with another heading 🙂 Use as many headings as you would like to break down what you want to share. Again, do your best, and our team of professional editors will do the rest.

Share your finished story with the individual who reached out via email, attached Microsoft Word doc, or Google Docs, and your story will be up in no time. Attach any and all photos used in your post separately to ensure we have the largest formats.

If you have any questions, reach out to your direct contact, or, contact us and we’ll get back with you!


Sales get a bad rap.

But it's the most important skill you can develop.

Unlike being a star basketball player, sales can be learned by anyone.

Some people are born with more sales talent. But anyone can become world-class through learning and practice.

So, what is sales?

Whenever I get to a low point where I think “Why do I even bother?”

I just try to remind myself “This is where most people stop, and this is why they don’t win.”

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