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Hey, I’m Alex – Founder of LevelDo. I know you don’t just need inspiring stories… you need ‘action’ to build and grow your next product or service. Here’s the thing, you have a thousand things on your plat and only so much time to think about it… let alone execute.

That is where my team comes in…

I’ve worked with countless freelancers across the various businesses I touch on a yearly bases. From designers, copywriters, store managers and developers, I’ve thrown out the duds and built a system to only hire the hero’s.

That got me thinking…

My freelancers are affordable, quickly understand requirements, quick to respond, and most importantly, great at what they do. The thing is, as freelancers, I only hire them when I need them and the rest of the time they are off finding new clients. Well, what if I could bring them business and help clients, like you, streamline the process.

How The Process Works

Tell Us What You Need… Most Projects Take 1 to 4 Weeks To Complete

The process starts with a simple overview of what you’re looking to get done. Whether you’re a local business looking to increase demand, sell a product or service online, or simply need help moving something forward, my team has you covered.

Most projects take 1 to 4 weeks depending on the scope.

  • Local Business
  • Online Product or Service
  • New or Existing Company
  • Consulting and Strategy

We’ll Hand-Pick A Vetted Pro From Our List With Your Timeline & Budget In Mind

Don’t leave your business (or your budget) to chance. Our curated list of freelancers have been vetted and reviewed by myself, as the top technical project managers on my team.

From developers, branding experts, copywriters, Amazon wizards, and countless other areas. Our short term contracts get you on your way quickly and easily.

A Dedicated Manager Will Find A Match, Discuss Milestones, And See Your Project Through Start-To-Finish

From start to finish, a dedicated technical project manager will guide your project to the finish line. Most projects only require a single freelancer, but if your project is a bit more complex, we’ll ping between several to get the job done.

Pricing and timelines will be discussed upfront prior to getting started.


“What can I say… I’ve been trying to get my business off the ground for years. I’ve wasted so much time and money simply wondering what my next steps are and lost a bunch of time and money along the way. Working with Alex and the ELH team has been incredible – my business is booming :).   “

Lisa Penn

  • We’ll Find The Best Freelancer For Your Project At Competitive Hourly Rates
  • Full Proposal And Expected Timeline Before Your Ever Pay A Dime
  • Trusted & Vetted Freelancers From Around The World
  • No One Size Fits All – Freelancers Are Hand Selected To Perfectly Fit Your Project
A Few FAQ's To Consider

Hourly rates are set on a freelancer by freelancer basis. You only pay competitive rates based on the skill required. A PM will tell you the costs and projected range before we ever get started.

Never underestimate your opportunity costs. Every single day you waste is a day you could be making money and get ahead of the competition. With affordable professionals, you don’t have to be a wizard in all areas of your business… simply describe what you need and the team will get to work.

There are thousands of freelancers around the world. Some good and some bad. We’ve curated a team to get projects done right – the first time – without wasting time and money.