Founder of One of The Largest No/Low Code Agencies in The World, Jesus Vargas.

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Building a website or application can sometimes feel like magic. You have an idea, you throw all of the features in a pot, add a little pixie dust, and boom – a brand new shiny digital spell. The problem being, traditionally you would have to either spend years learning how to code, or shell out 30k to 40k for a buggy prototype (speaking from experience).

Luckily, No and Low Code tools have made it possible for established companies and side-hustlers alike to bring their ideas and solutions to life at a fraction of the time and cost.

I’m proud to speak with the founder of one of the pioneering agencies in this space with employees all over the world, Jesus Vargas…

So, who are you and what’s your business?

I’m Jesus Vargas the owner and founder of LowCode Agency, a leading app development company that uses no code and low code tools to create apps faster and for a fraction of the cost of “conventional” apps.

Our flagship offering starts at 5k USD for a custom software/app/solution built with no code tool in 3-4 weeks. Our clients get fantastic software that is simple to use, manage, and make adjustments to in the future. It’s designed just for them and their requirements. We regularly create apps 80 percent cheaper and 70 percent faster than with traditional development methods, and we’ve built over 260 apps for entrepreneurs, SMB’s and all the way to clients such as Medtronic and American Express.

What is your backstory and what inspired you to come up with / pursue this idea?

I spent many years running a business called Legal Cloud Solutions. We were only interested in the legal sector, helping lawyers use proprietary software to organize their business processes. Given how time-consuming each of their processes is, we thought the market had a sizable opening, but we found that lawyers are kind of traditionalists and resist change!

In addition, I partnered with a developer as my technical co-founder. Despite being able to read code, create flows, and have a solid understanding of the processes, I am not a developer and could not create the finished product.

On a lazy day, I was browsing the internet when I came across a product called Glide apps. The headline, “Create an app with a Google Sheet,” caught my attention. I thought that was something I could do, so I created an account and started playing around with it. I created an app in three hours that tracked proposals and clients for a solar panel company I own (like a little CRM).

I was impressed right away and had many sleepless nights studying how to use this technology to make apps. Finally, I was able to create all of the apps I had in mind without the help of a technical partner!

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product – what was that like?

I had lunch with a friend who owns many Airbnb units the same week I came across Glide. He needed a way to spend less time answering calls and texts from his visitors. “Would you be ready to spend $1,000 on a personalized app with all of your house’s information, rules, tours, and extra services for your guests?” His response was a resounding yes. My first client had arrived. Time to start developing!

Describe launching the company… Where did you start?

I started on my own almost 10 years ago. My first project was the app for my Airbnb friend.

From there, it was a lot of knocking on doors, making connections, and promoting the agency among family, friends, and everyone on my way. Then small projects started to come in, and our senior developer joined the team. All of those small projects drove us and gave us word of mouth publicity.

And nowadays, LowCode Agency has expanded to a six-figure business and an eleven-person team around the world. We are a leading no/low code agency, having built more than 267 apps so far.

Our clients have opened the doors for us to better and bigger opportunities. Recently, we had the chance to work with two giants, each one in their industry: American Express and Zapier.

What has worked to attract & retain customers so far?

We’ve had the good fortune of assisting a large number of people, and we’re getting a lot of leads via referrals. Clients are delighted not just by our quality and quickness, but also by our process and recommendations, and word of mouth has helped us expand significantly.

What books, podcasts, or people have been the most influential on your journey?

I really enjoyed Phil Knight’s Shoe dog, where he talks about the Nike story. It’s a process filled with ups and downs, just like in any business. I like listening to the My First Million podcast.

How are things going today and what does the future look like?

The COVID-19 pandemic came to change the whole picture of everything we were used to. Now, people are used to do home office and remote work, and many others don’t even want to come back to the office. During the lockdown, many people created businesses, and these new enterprises rely heavily on technology, and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to assist several of them. We’ve helped scores of entrepreneurs start monetizing their side hustles or new full-time businesses by building apps in less than a month.

Finally, I’d like to mention “no code” and “low code” as current trends. We are riding a wave that is getting bigger every day, which enables us to increase our overall presence and reach. As one of the top no/low code agencies, we are receiving more and more inquiries from those interested in creating apps. It also helps that these no/low code app builders are getting more and more capable, enabling us to develop solutions that are more complex than before.

Any advice for others who are just starting out?

Create as much content as you can around you and your brand. Good specialized material is hard to come by. So, you should put a lot of effort into developing content about yourself, your product, and your business.

What’s the best way for people to connect and follow you? Website, Social Profiles, Etc…

You can get in touch with me through this form: I’m also very active on Twitter and Linkedin.

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