How Dynamic Entrepreneur, Aleksey Weyman, Started Millennial Moderator

So, who are you and what’s your business?

Hello! My name is Aleksey Weyman, I’m a logistics-obsessed business entrepreneur, music tour manager, actor in training and real estate investor! My business is Millennial Moderator, an online educational resource that shares best practice articles on topics like finance, technology, business, startups, personal development and more! You can read our articles at and connect with me personally on Instagram at

What is your backstory and what inspired you to come up with / pursue this idea?

I come from a decade in the tech industry, first Apple followed by Amazon (AWS) where I was on the social media team. My degree is from the University of Washington and I have a passion for all things logistics, marketing and sales. I work closely with the Seattle Angel Conference and have my own marketing agency that helps small businesses/startups build a community and contact leads.

About 5 years into my technical career, I became interested in the online blogging model and, with my interest in all things logistics, decided I would venture into the world on blog content generation. Ended up finding a niche that worked well with my interests, which quickly lead to readership and passive income.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product or service- what was that like?

I built the very first version of my blog by hand, using raw HTML, CSS and JS. It took a few iterations to get to a model that loaded fast, have a clean UI and was scalable. It was certainly a time-consuming process but as I talk about frequently on my Twitter page (, time is an investment and the return I got for those early steps of development, led to thousands of dollars in returns.

Describe launching the company… Where did you start?

I started from my home office on a late Sunday night, I published my first article and spent the next few hours promoting the heck out of it by posting on forums, social media, etc. I had maybe a few readers at that time, which was encouraging but certainly not the return I wanted. Luckily, I run a personal and business development group online called Move Makers (here is our Meetup page for upcoming events: where I was able to quickly share my journey and got people signing up for the Millennial Moderator newsletter (which you can also subscribe here if you want to see an example of a newsletter that CONVERTS:

What has worked to attract & retain customers so far?

Consistency is key, as well as relevant copy. SEO is the name of the game in blogging and it evolves frequently, so it’s important to stay on top of trends and metadata requirements but engines like Google. From there, the outbound marketing content is enough to attract new readers who are then ingested into the funnel and increase general readership.

What books, podcasts, or people have been the most influential on your journey?

When I was starting out, Tony Robbins was a huge influence in his approach to a practical lifestyle of improvement. I am a big believer in manifesting and affirming that which we desire in life, and I am actually in the process of writing a book about it that I think will help a LOT of new entrepreneurs. Best way to stay connected with me about that is to sign up for my PERSONAL newsletter, where I share only the most personal updates / announcements about my career:

How are things going today and what does the future look like?

Today business is stable. We had a spike in activity during the holidays (as we always do) but 2023 we are aiming to double down on quality of the articles, as well as branching out into a new sector of content that I can’t disclose quite yet. Best way to track out journey is to follow Millennial Moderator on Twitter:

Any advice for others who are just starting out?

Before you build a product or service of any kind, go into the market and find somebody with a problem that is willing to give you actual money for a solution. I work with an angel investing group and this is almost always the biggest reason why they fail. I also suggest joining marketing think tanks, so you can get ideas about how to reach new users and leads for your business. My Move Makers community on Meetup has bi-weekly marketing meetings (free, for now) that everyone is welcome to attend:

What’s the best way for people to connect and follow you? Website, Social Profiles, Etc…

I aggregate my most important links here:
I also have a YouTube channel that I’m building:
All of my other socials (Twitter, TikTok, IG) are @alekseyweyman

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