Roku: Anthony Wood: How I Built This Podcast with Guy Raz

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Anthony Wood is a modern-day mad scientist, having twice revolutionized the media landscape. In 2002 he unveiled ReplayTV, an innovative device that finally let you record and pause live TV – something we now take for granted. As technology advanced so too did Anthony’s ambitions; driven to deliver digital content directly onto people’s television sets with ease of use at its core, in 2008 The Roku box was born – offering easy access without requiring familiarity or understanding of complex tech interfaces. Thanks to his pioneering vision it’s hard even today to imagine what life would be like had these inventions not been made!

Sales get a bad rap.

But it's the most important skill you can develop.

Unlike being a star basketball player, sales can be learned by anyone.

Some people are born with more sales talent. But anyone can become world-class through learning and practice.

So, what is sales?

Whenever I get to a low point where I think “Why do I even bother?”

I just try to remind myself “This is where most people stop, and this is why they don’t win.”

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