Who Is This Guy On Daniel Dax Open Verse Challenge?

Alright, I want to go a little of script for a second to find out who the guest rapper is that absolutely bodied Daniel Dax’s open verse challenge.

(I promise I’ll tell you why it relates to business in a second)

Daniel Nwosu Jr. who’s stage name is (Dax) is an incredibly skilled Nigerian Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has over 1.2M followers on Instagram and 6 Million on TikTok with over 75.4 M likes.

This, however, isn’t about Dax.

Over the past week Dax started an Open Verse challenge on his song, Joker, that is gaining massive attention.

On instagram, Dax has his comments section shut off (I think to get more people to follow the page that are interested in the guest artists… I did) but one of those guests absolutely killed the challenge and it’s a business move that has lead to tens of thousands of followers and likes in just a few days.

Here are the lyrics for those who are looking:

Can’t you tell by how I sing that I’m in pain

Look at all these silly things

That I have done for the sake of fame

I’m aimlessly scrolled to a different page


Really stuck in this maze


Losing faith in my nation

But that’s a different story I really don’t want to talk about

I think my mind is really gone, somebody help me find it.

I don’t know If I’ll survive in this new social climate

This world so cold you get canceled now for being honest

They smiling in our face but behind our backs they talk about us

~come joining my circus~


~I’m recruiting~



@thatsdax #duet with @normansann THIS MANS UNDERRATED! This was fire🔥🤯💣 all the switch ups along with the lyrics and overall storytelling!!! LETS GOOO! What y’all think?! How’d he do?! Can’t wait to duet more!! #joker #openverse #Duet ♬ JOKER OPEN VERSE CHALLENGE DAX – Dax

So who is he?

Yes I’m one of the people that only look at TikTok on instagram, but moving my search lead me to Norman Sann @normansann.

With some videos still with only a few hundred views, and now, 378k followers at the time of this writing, it is clear that Norman is still on the rise but has an incredibly bright future ahead – I’m legit inspired haha. His lyrics, pitch, and range of talents are perfectly delivered and if you already watched the video, I implore you to look at it again to appreciate this 31 second performance.

So why does it matter for your business?

It doesn’t… I just like rap.

Okay, that’s not true. Scrolling through Normans page you can see he has been absolutely grinding on his personal brand. People always talk about luck, but forget the massive hours entrepreneurs put in to developing a skill and pushing that skill out into the world.

Norman saw a trending video, and without hesitating jumped at the opportunity to put something out that is absolutely fire to continue to grow his fan base (I know I’m one).

If you’re a business owner, take this lesson that there are countless opportunities to jump on trends and collaborate to get your brand noticed. Not everything will hit, and in truth, most of what you put out will probably be trash in the beginning, but with practice and grit, you and your brand may be as cool as Norman one day – But unlikely ;).

Go ahead and follow LevelDo at the link below this & maybe I’ll interview Norman one day as he grows his brand :).

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