Hey, I’m Alex! 🙂

I have a secret I need to tell you. Are you ready? Are you sure? Ok, here it is…I’m not a guru (simultaneous audience gasp). I’m not a self proclaimed expert, nor do I have any upcoming sold out conferences to speak at this month – I’ll be sure to update this when I do :).

I am, however, a few steps ahead of you in many areas of your career & business that you are not so hot at right now. Want to know another secret? You’re a step ahead of me, too, in countless other areas that I couldn’t even begin to list on this page.

But that’s the beauty of it. There are countless professionals in the world that are extremely skilled in multiple areas, and simply because they haven’t been featured on Forbes bestsellers lists, their knowledge goes unshared and unapplied by others.

I created LevelDo to not only build a strong community, but to narrow the gap between knowledge and learning for everyone. Here, you learn tips and tricks from those in the trenches of your unique category. Those who are living and breathing fire into the areas you aspire to improve upon and finally take your skills, businesses, and careers to the next level. Even if you pickup one thing, it could mean the difference between your long term success or failure in whatever you do.

I hope you join me on this journey, give a few ideas of what you’d like to learn, and stick around to see how the community and platform grows over time.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future!


How To Do A LevelDo Interview

I created LevelDo as a place for professionals & entrepreneurs to grow through shared knowledge and community support from all over world. You probably showed up on our doorstep by way of an interesting article, referral from a friend, or direct reach out from myself or my team. Whatever the case, it is wonderful to meet you and I look forward to possibly hearing your story one day :).

Our community is steadily growing, so though we don’t post every day, when we do, you’ll be graced with new ideas, perspective, and strategies to help you in your business. You might even find a new friend! If you’re interested in having your very own interview featured on LevelDo, fill out the form below and a team member will reach out.

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From Maternity Leave To 16-Million In Annual Sales ~ Interview With Co-Founder of Custom Neon, Jess Munday

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My mother in law loves to sew.

A few years ago she asked me how to set up an online store.

She wanted to sell fancy throw pillows she was making.

I gave her very basic steps. Enough to get started (I don't know much about ecom).

A few weeks later she showed me her site. It

Everyone wants “yes.”

But they don’t wanna pay the price.

100 Nos is the price of one yes.

You can get as many as yeses as you damn well please as long as you’re willing to pay the price.

I was sad to learn that Charlie Munger died today at age 99.

What a life.

He would likely roll his eyes and argue that none of us should be too surprised, based on the actuarial tables, but we’ve lost one of the 20th century’s greatest investors and businessmen.

Chris and I

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